This app Is a drop shipping service for hair bundles, and wigs. I like to always start of with wit the phrase “WE DO NOT SELL HAIR”, but rather connect everyday people selling hair online, IG, Facebook, Etc to the world via a mobile application. Sellers can create there online business inside this mobile app track sells, control inventory, set goals notifications plus more. BBH creates a environment that empowers a seller to run there business on the go, making business decisions with one click of a button. We have a price model of free for users to download, but pay a small transaction fee. Sellers pay a small monthly fee for this service also. We have all patent, and trademark rights to this concept and would like you to join us in taking this to the next level. Please download the app bundlesbyher for Android or IOS and share your thoughts. I would love to have a follow up, or email to answer any questions you might have. Thx! 

Success factor:

Satisfied clients or stakeholders

Met project objectives

Completed within budget

Delivered on time